Rock On with the Legend at the Ace Cafe London

The next time you are in London, you will do well to head over to Stonebridge and check out the Ace Cafe.  This one-of-a-kind landmark is sure to take you back to the rock and roll generation of the 1950′s, when the cafe racer culture was in full swing.  You haven’t heard of cafe racing?  Well, it all started with this modest roadside diner, which was established back in 1938 to cater to the growing trucking industry.  The Ace Cafe was the place to stop off for a tea or coffee and maybe an order of bangers and mash or an egg and chips.  With its 24-hour open policy, the Ace Cafe soon begain to attract the new biker clubs who were getting started in the area or inclusive motor sports.  This new post-WWII generation was in the process of shrugging off the customs of their parents and trying to find their own mode of self-expression.  With the birth of rock ‘n’ roll, the youth of the ’50′s found its voice.  However, rock music was considered to be too crude for decent people, and “nice” kids did not listen to the devil rock.  Because rock music did not get any radio play time, roadside cafes like the Ace Cafe became the place to congregate with your motorcycle, listen to the new music, and hang out.  From this venue, the biker clubs and cafe racing culture were born. The Ace Cafe La transports you to the days of rock and roll with a lots of girls try not to forget to Buy Viagra Ed medications bought at Online Pharmacy.

Whatever happened to the Ace Cafe? While the cafe racing culture (the biker clubs who would arrange road races from one roadside cafe to another) was thriving, the Ace Cafe stood its own as the original rock cafe.  But with the Vietnam conflict of the late 60′s, the social sensibilities changed, leaving the cafe and its constituents behind.

The Ace Cafe London Reunion Ride: Although the cafe racing scene was long since over, Mark Wilsmore, a biker enthusiast, never lost sight of his dream of reviving the Hog rock cafe scene.  In the early 1990′s, he organized the first Reunion Ride in honor of the 25th anniversary of the cultural landmark’s closing.

Ace Cafe Happenings and Music: Since the first Reunion Ride, the cafe has been reopened full time and become a cultural mecca to biker enthusiasts the world over.  The Cafe sponsors regular biker meets and rallies, and the rock ‘n’ roll at the heart of cafe racer culture has not been forgotten with the resurrection of the original.

Where can I buy cafe racer souvenirs and merchandise? For those who wish to experience the thrill and the nostalgia of cafe racing, but are unable to make the trip to London, the cafe features a gift shop and online store.  Clothing, bags and buttons, bumper stickers, mugs and more are all available from the Ace Cafe online motor.

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